Defence & Aerospace.

Reimagine how and where work is done in defence and aerospace.

Defence and aerospace industries face critical challenges in meeting safety regulations whether its worker or passenger safety. Human error is a leading cause of aircraft accidents, a minor error can cause catastrophe, while aircraft repairs put airlines under considerable financial strain with flight cancellations.

It is crucial that we create ultra-realistic, learning scenarios for engineers without putting them at risk, our immersive learning platform lets new recruits gain skills by doing things for themselves, so they can see the consequences of their own actions in a controlled environment.

MX Reality has over 25 years’ extensive experience in developing Virtual Reality, Virtual Environment and Augmented Reality scenarios that bridge the gap between the physical and real world, the opportunities for learning are limitless.

mXlearn is modernising engineering skills training at The Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME).

MX Reality custom-built interactive Virtual Environment learning scenarios to provide engineers with critical knowledge on the RSME’s Combat Water Supply System through a series of interactive tasks. The training included equipment familiarisation, guidance on how to install the system and support with fault diagnostics and equipment maintenance. An Augmented Reality app was also created to provide engineers with real-time support outside the classroom.