Development Partners.

Partnerships that will transform your business.
MX Reality’s development team along with our partners Metaverse Learning and the Metaverse Hub delivers connected, interactive, immersive 3D Metaverse experiences.

We do this by creating engaging learning experiences; delivering a workspace hub for your staff to collaborate on tasks or conferences that you can visit from the comfort of your couch.

Make anything possible with Metaverse Hub.

Imagine a virtual world where you can engage and interact with your students, customers, visitors and employees without leaving your office or classroom. A world of real-time immersive collaboration and communication, this is the Metaverse Hub.
Metaverse Hub is a fully content-managed, 3D virtual environment platform that has been designed to allow you to create your own fully branded and immersive space.
The platform is designed and developed in partnership with MX Reality, our team has a rich heritage of experience in the 3D and immersive technology, events, marketing, education and hospitality industries, bringing together the recipe for a platform that can be used to create rich and engaging user experiences.
It is a cost-effective way to interact with your customers and employees no matter where they are in the world. With this virtual platform you remove the costs associated with a physical space and people are welcome to explore without incurring travel expenses.
This virtual space is a world without walls. There are no limits on the number of visitors in the platform and visitors can be from all over the world.
Pushing the boundaries of education with Metaverse Learning.

Metaverse learning simulates real-world environments so learners can acquire the skills they need to succeed. We co-create solutions with industry to solve current and future challenges.

By collaborating with industry and further education providers Metaverse Learning creates immersive solutions with industry to solve current and future challenges. We simulate real-world environments so learners can acquire the skills they need to achieve.
Our team partners with Metaverse Learning to develop content into immersive, online training experiences using Virtual Reality, Virtual Environment and Augmented Reality, pushing the boundaries of education delivery.
Metaverse Learning brings together both industry and education to create consortia. Consortia members share the cost of creating a new program and contribute to the content. Sharing the financial costs associated with creating new learning solutions means that your learning and development budget can stretch further and save you money.

If you’d like to view Metaverse Learning’s current library of programs contact us