mXremote: Real time visual support

In the aerospace industry, mXremote can reduce aircraft downtime by enabling technicians to carry out inspections remotely. The user-friendly, secure, online, remote assistance system enables technicians to instantly connect with a remote expert via their mobile device, allowing them to address technical issues quickly and easily in the field.

mXvision: Streamline asset maintenance

Aircraft and military equipment are complex and expensive to maintain. Often situated in remote locations or sites with limited access.  Our pioneering 3D digital twin solution, mXvision improves decision making by allowing your technicians to visualise and interact with all your real-time data which is brought together in one place.

mXlearn: Harness the power of immersive learning

Imagine creating a more efficient workforce, supported by engaging and immersive learning experiences. Help your team to navigate hazardous environments safely and manage complex systems and equipment with care. From new starter training to skills refreshes, our interactive platform will engage your team in their learning.

mXassist: Intelligent AI driven remote assistance

mXassist delivers remote assistance to your defence and aerospace engineers in the palm of their hand. Using AR overlays to real world physical assets and a system that is powered by AI, engineers are empowered to diagnose faults and resolve them quickly with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.