mXremote: Accelerate issue resolution

Delivering a great after-sales service is crucial to your organisations offer. With mXremote, your customers can call for help and with one click, can link their device to your experts so that they can ‘see what they see’. Virtually walk your customers through how their problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently for an outstanding customer response.

mXassist: Driving manufacturing efficiency

mXassist is a virtual technical assistant which combines cutting edge AR and AI to support factory maintenance with automated guidance. Get quicker on-site solutions and first-time fixes that will maximise production and reduce disruption.

mXvision: Modernising manufacturing plants and processes

mXvision users can collaboratively review and interact with 3D visualisations of complex data that replicate assets or plants from the real world to diagnose faults and predict future issues. Information is incorporated into a single comprehensive system complete with real-time data to support decision making, prevent downtime and reduce costs.

mXlearn: Supercharging skills

With mXlearn, realistic factory conditions can be simulated so that learners can practise their skills in a safe, controlled environment. Learning scenarios can be tailor-made to your environment and the needs of your workforce from understanding complex procedures to delivering outstanding customer interactions. Anything is possible!