mXremote: Remote technical assistance

mXremote is a secure, remote assistance system that reduces the need for unnecessary onsite callouts, helps less experienced colleagues troubleshoot more complex technical issues quickly and improves first time fix rates within the oil and gas industry.

mXlearn: Providing safer, smarter onboarding the oil and gas industry

In an industry where effective risk management is critical and the cost of doing things wrong can be deadly, building a safe workforce is essential.  mXlearn gives your team the skills they need to do their jobs safely and effectively with fully immersive experiences that bring learning life. Learners can interact with virtual scenarios to improve efficiency and enhance your safety culture.

mXvision: Transform asset management

Optimise production, reduce costs and meet revenue targets with mXvision across oil and gas operations. You can make safety a priority, foster team collaboration and get every member of your team the data they need to get the job done.