mXvision: Visualise power and utility networks

Power and utilities face extraordinary challenges due to aging infrastructure, rising costs and a variety of technology located in remote sites.  Imagine your engineers having all your data and asset information at their fingertips in one place. Here they will be able to visualise and interact with assets and contextualised data to gain fresh insights in an immersive 3D environment.

mXremote: Power up your customer support capabilities

With mXremote, you can gain instant access to your customers home without stepping a foot through the door. Call centre staff or engineers can quickly guide customers by troubleshooting commonly occurring faults and minor maintenance issues as if they were right by their side. Improve your customer experience with mXremote.

mXassist: Resolve issues faster

mXassist is a next-generation virtual assistant that will empower your engineers to solves issues independently helping to reduce equipment downtime.  Using AR overlays to real -life equipment, issues can be resolved quickly without waiting for specialists to visit sites. Additional support can be accessed using live camera stream.

mXlearn: Solving the power and utilities sector skills gap

mXlearn has transformed learning for the power and utilities sector providing cutting-edge immersive experiences where learners can interact in a simulated real-world environment. From site familiarisation to hazard identification, customer interaction practise to health and safety procedures mXlearn can be developed to meet your learning goals.