Manufacturing & Engineering.

Reimagine how and where work is done in manufacturing and engineering.

Discover how we can help manufacturers bring people, places and assets from the physical and digital worlds together. Our 3D digital twin combines any combination of ‘real-time’ and historic sensor and telemetry data in a new blended environment that helps engineers visualise entire systems, processes or plants for better fault diagnostics and maintenance, saving manufacturers valuable time and costs.

This together with our Artificial Intelligence powered remote assistance system gives engineers on the factory floor can easily identify equipment and follow automated guidance that recommends the solution using Augmented Reality equipment overlays, so engineers can independently troubleshoot issues. 

Metaverse Learning and MX Reality delivers a welding and fabrication program
MX Reality was commissioned to help immersive Virtual Environment learning provider Metaverse Learning to deliver a suite of programs designed to transform real-world welding and fabrication tasks.