Remote visual assistance for rapid support and problem resolution, mXremote.

Visual troubleshooting

Empower your customers and colleagues with visual ‘see what they see’ guidance, to troubleshoot and solve issues faster, first time.
Live annotation on the caller’s screen
Draw or annotate on your customer or colleague’s smartphone or tablet screen in ‘real-time’, highlighting contextual points of interest instantly. This makes it easier to provide clear guidance and is ideal for people that respond better to visual cues.
Sharing links and documents
Instantly share links to websites or supporting online content, user guides, manuals, diagrams, product sheets and other resources.
Invite additional assistants
If you want to bring a different skill set to help out during the session, you can invite colleagues to share their expertise to help solve customer problems quicker.
Session recording
Record parts or all of the session to provide a document trail, reference material or use for training purposes.
Reduce site support costs
Assess issues and situations much quicker, reducing travel costs and journey times, and allowing more customers to be supported sooner.

Let mXremote help you:

Reduce costly and avoidable call-outs by allowing instant remote visualisation of a situation.

Diagnose and resolve problems quicker by seeing the situation as if you were physically there.

Ensure a positive customer experience every time by reducing downtime and site visits.

Contribute to controlling climate change by reducing travel to customer sites.

Keep your employees safe by reducing travel risks and exposure to potentially dangerous work sites or contact with customers.