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Advancing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) with the metaverse

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In March we were thrilled to bring together experts from across industry and education in EDI for our first mXplore panel session.

We welcomed:

Each of our experts is a passionate advocate of EDI and a leader of innovative initiatives that promote EDI within their organisations.  

mXreality’s CEO, Dr Majid Al-Kader, opened the discussion and set the scene for the discussion. This topic is close to his heart and ours as an organisation.

We live in a society with diverse backgrounds, identities, and experiences, and we strive to embrace and leverage these differences.

He talked about how we want to create an environment where everyone has equal opportunities, feels valued, and can fully participate without facing discrimination, but we can’t do this in isolation. We need to work together.

This theme of working together was shared throughout the conversation with our panellists.

Gamiel shared an overview of the general landscape of EDI in the UK with our listeners. There has been a move from jumping between single initiatives to creating a holistic approach, which has been fuelled by world events like COVID, Brexit, and Black Lives Matter.

The main challenge he hears people facing is the need for bigger teams within organisations to deliver their EDI strategy.  This is something that we cannot do alone, and while there has been increased interest and activity in EDI in recent years, there is a lot of opportunity to do more.

He has also seen the benefits of using technology to support EDI training. Much research suggests that leveraging technology can help create greater empathy for other people.

Danny then spoke with us about the changes and challenges he has seen in EDI in the university setting. EDI is hard, but it can be hugely impactful, and when there is a diverse population, we need to make sure that everyone is represented. This is true for education and broader society.

Danny shared with us the importance of a robust infrastructure to support diverse communities and the need to Research, Review and Appraise your approach at every stage so that you can continue to learn and adapt.

Mumtaz joined us to share her personal experiences and offer insight into the Cadent Gas approach to EDI. Her key message was that representation matters! And she agreed with our panellists that we can’t do this alone.

When everyone is included, you can have a richer, more deliverable solution that welcomes everyone to the table.

One example she shared is the skills shortage within the power industry. By removing barriers to entry, Cadent Gas is leading the way in welcoming people from across all backgrounds to apply and join their team. From removing minimum qualification levels to changing their Graduate scheme to become Future Professionals, they are finding new and innovative ways to attract the best talent and level the playing field.

Yusuf took our audience on a tour of the world’s first and most comprehensive Cultural Awareness metaverse, which Cardiff and Vale College created with mXreality for the Welsh Government.

This is an incredible project that encompasses e-learning, augmented reality, and the metaverse to guide visitors through lived experiences, world history, and curriculum learning.

This fantastic project is live and available for you to visit. Take a look today at

Finally, Majid unveiled MetaDiverse, our brand new project that aims to build on the existing metaverse created with Cardiff and Vale College. We are encouraging anyone with an interest and commitment to EDI to join us in creating their own hall or room that can be an extension of this community.

Your place in the metaverse can be kept private to your organisation or made public as part of the more comprehensive project.

If you are interested in creating your own space within this Cultural Awareness metaverse, then talk to our team today

You can also watch the full webinar here:

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