As we look for a more sustainable future, renewable energy projects are multiplying creating massive growth in job opportunities, which has highlighted a skills shortage that urgently needs addressing. So how do you bridge the skills gap and attract new talent?

mXlearn has transformed learning for the power and utilities sector providing cutting-edge immersive experiences, where learners can interact in a virtual simulated real-world environment. Unlike traditional teaching methods, learners are fully absorbed in virtual 3D scenarios tailored to the specific needs of their task or desired learning outcomes, in a controlled and safe environment.

The scenarios created in mXlearn can be developed to replicate anything, from how to maintain the mechanics of a wind turbine, site familiarisation and hazard identification to correctly following health and safety procedures.

We can even replicate soft skills such as human interactions and behaviour, so learners can experience for themselves how their words and actions can impact others or recognise the more subtle signs of customers that may be in a vulnerable situation. Want to find out more?