Power & Utilities.

3D visualisations of your network for power and utilities.

For power and utility companies, technology is the key to optimising operations and ensuring effective communication throughout the enterprise. Having extensive experience in these sectors, MX Reality offers advanced solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help improve processes, with ‘real-time’ data access, visibility of operations and site surveillance. All this reduces operational costs to ensure competitive edge.

Remote IoT data management and monitoring, makes it all possible for power and utilities management. These new technologies can extend the life cycle of assets, reducing accident risks and the time required for engineers to carry out maintenance, together with Virtual Reality based learning for employee onboarding.

mXvision is bringing remote condition monitoring to Cadent Gas.

With mXvision you can optimise power and utility assets and systems through enhanced data capture, analysis and information sharing all in one intelligent solution.