Remotely monitor and manage assets, systems and networks.

Unlock the power of data for better decision-making with 3D digital twins.

Visualise, simulate and remotely monitor and manage real-world operations virtually with our dynamic 3D digital twin solution mXvision, to deliver data-driven insights that will improve remote diagnostics, on-site safety, productivity, cut costs and help predict future asset health.

mXvision brings together up-to-date 3D visualisations of physical assets, networks or systems so you can remotely monitor problem areas or sites with a complete collection of inspection and maintenance information including SCADA, PLC, IOT and telemetry data.

The aim is to provide a ‘single source of truth’, as it evolves with the flow of ‘real-time’ data input from sensors from an asset, system or remote site is created virtually in 3D for better data informed, decision-making.

mXvision is bringing remote condition monitoring to Cadent Gas.

With mXvision you can optimise power and utility assets and systems through enhanced data capture, analysis and information sharing all in one intelligent solution.