Improve customer satisfaction with instant visual remote support.

Our instant remote visual assistance system delivers a smoother, more cost-efficient customer service.

Connect your customers or colleagues for instant advice, support, and rapid resolution of frequently occurring faults with our intelligent remote assistance solution, mXremote. 

Diagnose and resolve common problems such as meter readings, router faults or machinery repairs by “seeing what they can see” with our easy-to-use, no apps required solution.
Reduce costs and resolve issues quickly by providing very specific guidance as your call centre team will have the complete picture to identify and work through problems to improve your customer experience. This all means increased machinery uptime, reduced operational costs and the ability to train on the job, safely and securely.

Your experts can start providing remote assistance in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Log in online to the mXremote system.

Step 2 – Send a private session link (via email or SMS) invitation to your customer or colleague.

Step 3 – Wait for them to join the call and start to ‘see what they see’.