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Safety and reliability are a crucial element of transport and infrastructure industries.

Data from inspections and maintenance processes need to be effectively monitored and analysed to keep people and goods moving.

As the workforce ages and retires, a skills gap has developed increasing the risk from lost knowledge and expertise.

mXreality is working with transportation and infrastructure customers to transform the way that services are delivered to reduce risk, increase safety and improve reliability.

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mXlearn: Transforming learning across transport and infrastructure

Imagine your workforce practising their skills in a safe, controlled environment, where errors don’t damage working equipment or cause any physical harm. With mXlearn, you can create immersive training that takes your workforce through highly realistic, 3D scenarios that safely emulate high-stakes procedures such as testing safety and compliance protocols.

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Solutions Mxvision

mXvision: Creating smarter transport strategies

The need to optimise maintenance, reduce costs and provide great customer service remains an on-going challenge for the transport industry. With mXvision you can create a pioneering 3D digital twin that will simulate your real-world operations allowing you to effectively plan maintenance, manage asset performance and recreate high-risk situations.

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Engineer working from smartphone with 3d visualization of part.

mXassist: Guiding transport technicians to a fast first-time fix

Reduce equipment failure downtime and operational disruption with mXassist, Your frontline workers can become instant experts using artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) overlays which provide receive step-by-step instructions to quickly guide and resolve problems with a visually engaging user-friendly experience.

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Solutions Mxremote

mXremote: Instant remote support for your workforce

mXremote is an easily accessible online remote assistance solution that allows your transportation and infrastructure field-based workforce to access visual remote support via their mobile or tablet. By accessing the device’s camera, a remote expert can ‘see what they see’ and virtually provide guided instructions for a rapid solution.

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Case study

Network Rail VR learning scenarios help ensure track safety

Network Rail delivers realistic, engaging and repeatable track safety learning scenarios with mXlearn.

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Network Rail VR learning scenarios help ensure track safety

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