Transport and

Virtual learning scenarios for transport and infrastructure industries.

Safety and reliability are crucial for rail transport and infrastructure industries, the fast processing of data and information during inspections and maintenance processes is of major importance. Most of this work is still carried out manually, while retiring experienced employees means there is a skills-gap to solve.

Our Artificial Intelligence powered ‘real-time’ remote assistance system delivers automated guidance with Augmented Reality equipment overlays so engineers can self-diagnose and accurately fix faults, revolutionising transport maintenance processes and on the job learning. While our immersive learning scenarios fill the skills gap, improving knowledge retention with none of the risks.

VR learning scenarios help ensure track safety for Network Rail

MX Reality worked with Network Rail to develop a series of track safety scenarios to review the benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) technology as a new approach to track safety learning for its practicality, innovation, level of realism and training value.