Case Studies.

Bridging the gap with mXremote

mXremote helps a leading European boiler manufacturer to bridge the gap between its call centres and customers.

Cadent Gas Digital Twin

mXvision helps Cadent’s workforce to remotely monitor, visualise and interact with ME/2 telemetry and IoT data in a dynamic 3D environment for better decision-making.

Network Rail, Track Safety

Network Rail delivers realistic, engaging and repeatable track safety learning scenarios with mXlearn.

Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) Modernises Learning with mXreality

The RSME modernises engineer training for its Combat Water Supply System with engaging VR self-learning scenarios in mXlearn and an Augmented Reality app.

UK Power Networks Site Induction

mXlearn delivers an innovative, VR-driven site induction experience to help UKPN’s contractors and visitors safely access its Leicester Square substation.