AI-powered diagnostics, maintenance and repairs guidance.

Improve ‘first-time’ fix rates, reduce operational costs and train new recruits with our intelligent virtual technical assistant, mXassist.

Whether it’s inspections, diagnostics or maintenance and repairs, deliver your skills remotely with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered virtual technical assistant. 

mXassist intelligently identifies equipment based on photographic references of real-world equipment, it then applies 3D virtual component overlays on your mobile or tablet so field technicians can be guided through fault finding, repairs and the operation of complex equipment.
When faced with an issue field technicians can simply point their mobile or scan a QR or barcode to identify the exact product or component using AI. mXassist can then help to diagnose the issue, recommended a resolution and provide guidance on how to repair or replace any necessary components. (Link to mXassist video)