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mXreality is an exciting, innovative, high-tech company based in Milton Keynes with over 30 years’ experience of developing advanced digital mixed reality (MR) products, tailor-made immersive solutions and metaverse interactions, supporting many businesses across the globe on their digital transformation journey.

With a growing team of over 30 very talented and experienced full-time designers and developers, we design and create award-winning solutions for a wide range of industries including utilities, defence, transport and manufacturing and engineering.

Our long standing reputation for delivering high quality, market leading solutions, is built on the strength of a team of world-renowned experts who are passionate about technology.

Our founders, core team and industry advisors will help you reimagine how work is done to make the seemingly impossible your new reality.

mXreality is part of the Enzen Group, a very well-established knowledge enterprise global business.

Our mission

To augment workers’ abilities by pairing humans and smart technology, resulting in dramatically improved performance, safety, learning and greater employee and customer satisfaction.

Our vision

To be a primary provider of advanced immersive technologies for a broad range of industries to enhance knowledge, improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety.

Directors and Advisors

Core Team

Virtual reality headset.

Hannah Bailey

Head of Business Development

Virtual reality headset.

Fiona Christie

Business Development Manager

Oculus rift headset.

Darren Ackers

Production Director

Virtual reality headset.

Penny Bamborough

Systems Development Manager

Man wearing oculus headset.

Stephen Langstone

MR Development Manager

Oculus rift headset.

Lewis Griffiths

Head of 3D

Man wearing oculus headset.

David Yip

Design Manager

Virtual reality headset.

Deanna Durbridge

Office Manager


Delivering value to education providers and enterprises through our partners.

If you want to reimagine how work is done across education and enterprise, Metaverse Learning and Metaverse Hub in partnership with mXreality will help you discover new possibilities. Together we unlock the immersive power of the metaverse experience to elevate learning and add value.

Putting Metaverse Learning vr headset on

Metaverse Learning

Simulating real-world environments so leaners can acquire the skills they need to succeed.

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Metaverse Hub virtual environment on tablet.

Metaverse Hub

A fully content-managed, 3D virtual experience platform bringing a global audience together in the metaverse.

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Taking the leap from traditional ways of working can be hard, that’s why we are here to help.

Our team will develop the right solution for your business, by ensuring that we are meeting the specific challenges that you face, whether it’s increasing machine uptime, enabling better system data visualisation or fewer engineer visits to site – we are here to help you.