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Do you have a vast catalogue of job completion evidence photos in your SAP or other workflow management system? Do you have to retrospectively and manually review photos of installations and maintenance tasks to confirm they have been completed correctly? Are you unsure how many jobs your staff complete to the correct standard?

Imagine an online AI-powered service that you can train to recognise and categorise images against pre-defined parameters and an existing image library to identify if a job has been completed correctly.

mXinspect uses AI to harness your business data and provide you with insights to show where corrective or remedial action is required.

  • Free up your technical experts for other important tasks
  • Build intelligence about your business activity
  • Automate the analysis of your image data
  • Move towards a ‘right first time’ approach

There are four main steps to using mXinspect:


Prepare the system using example image data along with the pre-identified categories for each image.


Evaluate the effectiveness of the training by analysing the trained system with a separate test data set.


Based on the outcome of the test data set, more image data can be used to improve the system further. This can be iterated through a number of times to get the system trained to an optimum level.


Once trained to a satisfactory level, use it to analyse your target data, get results and start taking necessary actions.



mXinspect provides an efficient way to analyse your image data so your experts are available for other essential tasks.

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