Empowering education and enterprise through systems development.

We pride ourselves at mXreality on the flexibility of our solutions offer, but we know too that for some customers their needs are truly unique.

For this we offer our systems development service that’s designed to help you meet your business needs with custom-built, trailblazing systems that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.
Our systems development work is pushing new boundaries in immersive learning delivery, bringing cashless digital tipping to the service industry and creating unique 3D immersive environments with the Metaverse Hub. Literally, anything is possible.
Metaverse Learning Plus
This is a one-of-a-kind online system that provides education institutions with managed access to their licenced Metaverse Learning programs and associated expiries. It also allows tutors, instructors and supervisors access to special features only available through the platform.
These features help provide greater visual insight into individual learners’ scenario attempts allowing better and more contextual support, guidance and feedback than is possible using conventional learning management systems.
Supervisor observation

With this feature, a learner can request help while attempting one of the Metaverse Learning virtual scenarios.

When a tutor is available to help, they can communicate with the learner via chat and then join the live session where they can:

  • See exactly what the learner sees
  • Freely navigate to see the rest of the environment independently from the learner
  • Chat via text and voice with the learner
  • Indicate points of interest to the learner
Just Tip – the cashless tipping solution
Just Tip is an online digital tipping system that helps solve the challenges around tipping staff, especially in the service industry, by ensuring that the right team or individual gets the payment and the recognition they deserve with simplified direct payments.

Companies and or staff can register and receive a unique QR code linked to a Stripe account. 

The QR code then serves as the gateway for tippers to pay directly into your account in a simple three-step process as follows:

  1. Scan the QR Code
  2. Enter the amount to pay
  3. Send the payment
The system reduces the need for cash, ensures that the intended recipient gets the tip, making the entire tipping process more efficient, reliable and rewarding, ultimately improving staff morale, motivation and retention.

Let our systems development help you:

Metaverse Hub – experience your business like never before

Metaverse Hub is a fully content-managed, 3D virtual environment platform that has been designed to allow you to create your own fully branded and immersive space. It was born out of a realisation that the way we collaborate is changing. User experiences in the digital world are transforming from a flat 2D environment into 3D immersive experiences where users are able to explore and collaborate with others in a more humanistic way.

With the Metaverse Hub you can organise your virtual Metaverse environment to work for you. By creating places for users to find out information about your products and services or renting out space in your virtual world to generate revenue.

Your Metaverse is your world and the Metaverse Hub is the most customisable platform in the marketplace. You can choose from features that are already within our platform or our expert team can help you create something truly unique.