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Would your organisation benefit from increased engagement with your learning? Do you have mandatory or job specific training that your employees need to complete? Are you looking to improve learner confidence and knowledge retention?

mXlearn is a pioneer in the training and education sector giving employers and training providers access to immersive and interactive learning technology.

Using virtual environments (VE), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) we create training scenarios that are tailor-made to your individual needs.

Learners can be challenged and assessed through a series of tasks, questions, animations, character conversations and more

Virtual simulations offer a flexible and interactive learning experience that can be accessed online via a desktop, laptop, tablet or VR headset.

  • Immersive learning and gamification increases engagement with learners
  • Increased engagement often leads to increased knowledge retention and completion of learning
  • Make training less of a ‘tick-box’ exercise and more interactive to support knowledge retention

Immersive learning is a powerful tool to add to a blended learning approach. Research from Stanford University and the Technical College of Denmark found learners recall more when using virtual teaching methods than with traditional methods resulting in 76% increase in learning effectiveness.

Incorporating additional elements such as gamification and AR further elevates the learner experience.



Power up your learning with mXlearn

Research has shown that learners report an increase in confidence from using virtual reality compared to traditional classroom training.

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Case study

Network Rail VR learning scenarios help ensure track safety

Network Rail delivers realistic, engaging and repeatable track safety learning scenarios with mXlearn.

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Network Rail VR learning scenarios help ensure track safety

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