Create virtual learning environments with mXlearn.

Improve workforce knowledge and skills with our powerful immersive 3D learning experiences. 

Engage your workers from any location with fun interactive digital content and virtual game-like situations where they will learn anything from how to operate complex machinery to soft skills like empathy.
Traditional classroom learning where a trainer stands at the front of a class is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Imagine instead, an interactive self-learning environment that replicates real-life scenarios so your workforce can learn and retain new skills by doing things themselves, so they can see the consequences of their own decisions without putting them in harm’s way.
The possibilities of 3D and VR are limitless, ranging from environments and buildings to equipment and people. While learners are allowed to be left to their own devices in a controlled environment.

Learning that works for you

Our development team has over 25 years of extensive experience using state-of-the-art technologies to develop award-winning Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Environment (VE) and Augmented Reality (AE) solutions that are all part of a shared Metaverse experience (the next iteration of the internet), without the boundaries of the physical world.
With our mXlearn platform, we can create your very own scenarios, tailor-made to your individual needs. The possibilities of 3D and VR are endless, ranging from environments, buildings and manufacturing plants to equipment and people.
Virtual simulations provide a flexible, efficient and convenient learning experience that can be accessed online via a desktop/laptop, tablet or VR headset with no software to download or install. This means your workforce can complete learning at their own pace without interruption to work routines, in a safe and controlled environment.

How does it work?

mXlearn provides fully interactive 3D games-based, virtual environments. These scenarios are based on realistic 3D environments where the learner can both learn and be assessed through a series of tasks, questions, animations, character conversations and more. Once the scenario is completed, detailed and constructive feedback is given with guidance for further learning.
These scenarios can be linear, or include branching or randomisation to make them more varied, and allow learners to choose their path at key decision points, putting them in control of the final outcome, and providing a more realistic and personal experience.
Our immersive scenarios in mXlearn help your workforce:
  • Improve worker skills, competence and knowledge retention
  • Reduce training costs, time and travel associated with classroom learning
  • Minimise disruptions due to downtime or damaging equipment during training
  • Learn in a risk-free environment without causing harm to others
Research from Stanford University and the Technical University of Denmark found learners recall more when using virtual teaching methods that with traditional methods, resulting in 76% increase in learning effectiveness.
Let mXlearn help you:

Increase learner confidence

Did you know that learner confidence is increased by 80% when learning through virtual scenarios. We provide innovative and engaging learning experiences that use Virtual Reality, Virtual Environments and Augmented Reality.

Better onboarding

Immersive learning provides realistic training in a virtual environment world that replicates the real world so beginners gain knowledge and skills quicker. It offers multiple benefits too, such as improved engagement and interactivity for better retention. This means that learners gain a better understanding of the company, workplace or site they have not yet visited.

Reflect real-life

With mXlearn we create interactive scenarios that reflect real-life situations. With our simulations we can create any equipment and simulate the way it responds to interactions, so learners can interact with it, follow best practice procedures or carry out fault-finding scenarios, all without having to access (and possibly damaging) the real equipment.

Improve workplace safety

Our interactive scenarios can simulate potentially harmful real-life situations or replicate a piece of dangerous equipment so learners can gain knowledge and understanding of the hazards and risks associated with operating, maintaining and repairing as well as the practical experience without being put into a costly or harmful environment.

Effective learning for less cost

Traditional learning practices can get in the way of business operations. The time taken from your workforce, impact on customers or equipment being out of action, can all cost money. With immersive learning technologies, you can place the learner in real-life situations but with none of the risk.

Monitor progress

Learners can use information from the platform to see where they need to review their learning or where they have been successful.

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