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BuildingTec Elevator Experience

This experience was developed for BuildingTec. This Virtual Reality experience allowed their customers to experience their products, improving their buying experience.

Cadent Gas ME/2 – Familiarisation and CP14 Maintenance Procedure Scenario 1

mXreality developed two immersive 3D virtual environment scenarios based on a Cadent site in Whitwell. In Scenario 1, users could navigate around the site and locate the relevant ME/2 equipment.

Cadent Gas ME/2 – Familiarisation and CP14 Maintenance Procedure Scenario 2

In Scenario 2, navigate around the Whitwell site and locate the relevant components for the CP14a Orifice Plate Inspection.

Cadent Gas ME/2 – Digital Twin POC

Cadent Gas commissioned MX Reality to develop a Proof of Concept (POC). The virtual/digital twin system could be used to present Cadent’s ME/2 telemetry and maintenance data.

Cardiff and Vale Virtual Showcase

Cardiff and Vale have created their own virtual metaverse experience to let students explore information about the college.

DSEI Allan Webb

This experience was developed as part of an exhibition that allowed attendees to experience AR visuals.

Network Rail Track Safety Scenario 1

Network Rail wanted to explore how training could be delivered differently. The aim was to see if a solution could be innovative but still practical, enhance user experience and engagement.

Network Rail Track Safety Scenario 2

The Virtual Reality and Virtual Environment POC solution has been rolled out across Network Rail’s workforce. It provides Network Rail with a platform to assess the use of Virtual Reality as a training tool and provide training in a safe environment.

RSME Combat Water Supply System Scenario 1

The Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) identified a need to change their approach to aspects of their training in order to use innovative technology and improve the learning experience.

RSME Combat Water Supply System Scenario 2

mXreality created a realistic virtual environment setting, recreated all equipment in 3D, provided engineers with system knowledge, and created tasks to test their understanding.

Smartbell Farm Induction

This scenario was created to give new recruits the opportunity to practise daily tasks that will be required on a farm. This included apple picking and assessing cows health, which allowed users to learn about the processes.

UKPN Site Induction App

UKPN identified a need to use technology and innovation to bring a leading edge to their processes and workflows, making them the example among their colleagues and competitors.

UKPN Site Induction VR

MX Reality developed a virtual replica of the site including the super and substructures using 3D scanning and modelling.

VR Turbine

Our Virtual Reality Turbine experience was developed to allow engineers to understand how to operate a crane and hoist in a wind turbine.