Augment your frontline workforce with virtual technical assistance, mXassist.

Frontline field technicians, operators and engineers often arrive on site only to discover that they need expert support as they have come across a new problem and need help to diagnose and repair faults. 

Then just to make things harder, they are still expected to carry bulky, paper-based manuals and guides just to get the job done. Isn’t it time you adopted a virtual technical assistance solution that can help solve all these problems?

Field technicians find it easier to learn from seeing how a repair is done rather than having to read about it in a manual.

mXassist is a virtual technical assistant combined with cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support field maintenance with automated guidance to help accurately identify products, diagnose faults and rapidly resolve issues, improving first-time fix rates and operational efficiency.
How does it work?
It works by providing real-time field support and guidance through visual, AR step-by-step instructions and access to manuals and other resources to support workers as they troubleshoot and carry out repairs, reducing the need and likelihood of follow-up site visits. mXassist can be easily accessed using smartphones and tablet devices, so there’s no need to invest in expensive VR headsets.

When faced with an issue field technicians can simply point their mobile or scan a QR or barcode to identify the exact product or component using AI. mXassist can then help to diagnose the issue, recommend a solution and provide guidance on how to repair or replace any necessary components.

This AI ‘brain’ in mXassist recognises common problems, such as ‘what part do I need and what steps do I take to change it? This all feeds into the ‘brain’ so it can be trained to offer quick solutions to recurring issues, while the virtual component AR overlay allows maintenance and repair instructions and visual guidance to be provided in context.
This means that field technicians can troubleshoot, handle more jobs remotely and solve issues independently, but if they do still need some additional expert support; they can simply ‘live’ camera stream the issue with expert colleagues back at HQ, allowing them to collaborate and get issues resolved quickly as they ‘can see what you see’.

The Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) uses mXassist to help its engineers accurately diagnose and resolve equipment faults in the field

Let mXassist help you:

Drive technical enablement

Empower your field technicians and ensure they are no longer alone in the field, with mXassist they can become an instant expert with AR overlays and AI insights for faster problem resolution.

Decrease downtime

Enable field technicians to diagnose and resolve issues themselves with step-by-step guidance and virtual component overlays of equipment to reduce downtime for better customer satisfaction.

Access service manuals and guides

Field technicians can access searchable digital manuals and resources for further reference and identify the exact part they need for the repair from a manufacturer’s components list.

Knowledge transfer

Facilitate faster knowledge transfer and bring junior engineers up to speed with hands-on field training providing thorough AI driven guidance and remote visual assistance.

Let mXassist help you:
  • Transform your customer experience by increasing machinery uptime, improving productivity and reducing inspection and maintenance costs
  • Simplify and accelerate day-to-day fault diagnostics, maintenance and repairs for improved efficiency and first-time fix rates
  • Bridge the ‘skills gap’ as new recruits can resolve issues quickly supported by automated AI powered guidance and AR overlays of real equipment
  • Optimise your headcount as experts can assess and assist technicians with instant remote visual assistance so they can “see what they see”
  • Provide faster training for new recruits and a log of their activities
  • Ensure health and safety compliance