Oil & Gas.

Reimagine how and where work is done in oil and gas.

Oil and gas companies face enormous risks and challenges from worker safety, stringent regulations and a volatile market to an increasing skills crisis as experienced workers leave.

MX Reality can solve these issues, our solutions suite is based on Mixed Reality, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Environment.

These new technologies are helping operators to improve process efficiencies, satisfy regulatory compliance and improve worker safety, while cutting the costs of asset maintenance and data management.

mXlearn delivers engaging, immersive Virtual Reality game-based scenarios for Saudi Aramco

Using a blended-technology approach, high quality E-learning modules, interactive assessments and engaging, immersive Virtual Reality scenarios were created. This included a virtual ultra-realistic construction site in Saudi Arabia with goal-based scenarios, which was populated with avatars that responded in both Arabic and English that workers could regularly visit to improve job skills and site safety.