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Are you managing business data across multiple platforms, formats and sites? Do you struggle to gain actionable, intelligent insights from your data? Could your asset management be more efficient?

The best decisions are made using data, but your data is only as good your ability to visualise, contextualise and process it, so you can respond to changes quicker and better predict future scenarios.

Using a dynamic 3D digital twin mXvision will visualise and merge your information in the metaverse including Geographic Information System (GIS), Building Information Modelling (BIM), SCADA, PLC IOT and telemetry. mXvision is one ‘single source of truth’ that is easier to understand at various levels.

  • Unlock a digital transformation across your organisation
  • Create a collaborative, accessible, intelligent platform
  • Monitor and analyse your information
  • Improve decision making

With mXvision any physical asset, system or site can be recreated virtually in 3D and integrated with real-time IoT data. This makes it easier to visualise systems remotely and improve decision-making with ‘what-if’ scenarios to identify potential flaws in a process, system or network.

mXvision has been used across a wide variety of organisations to improve asset management. From maintenance and fault diagnosis to site and safety security, you can transform the way your workforce operates.



Visualise your data with mXvision

3D visualisations of sites and assets are presented in virtual reality and augmented reality and then integrated with ‘real-time’ data.

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Case study

Cadent Gas keeps at the forefront of innovation with real-time 3D digital twin

mXvision helps Cadent’s workforce to remotely monitor, visualise and interact with ME/2 telemetry and IoT data in a dynamic 3D environment for better decision-making.

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Cadent Gas keeps at the forefront of innovation with real-time 3D digital twin

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