Visually monitor and manage your assets remotely with mXvision, your 3D digital twin.

For many enterprises, it is one thing to capture a lot of raw data, but it’s quite another to gain actionable, intelligent insights from it that help improve operational efficiencies and safety. 

The best decisions are made using data, but your data is only as good your ability to visualise, contextualise and process it, so you can respond to changes quicker and better predict future scenarios.
IoT and business data is often held in separate databases, spreadsheets and systems with varying formats for different purposes, and many sites are in remote locations or are unmanned, but with dynamic 3D digital twins we can help you visualise and merge this information in the Metaverse so you can have one ‘single source of truth’ that is easier to understand at various levels.
With mXvision any physical asset, system or site can be recreated virtually in 3D and integrated with real-time IoT data, so it’s easier to visualise systems remotely, to improve decision-making with ‘what-if’ scenarios to identify potential flaws in a process, system or network.
mXvision is a virtual ecosystem that integrates live and stored data collected across proprietary systems, telemetry data and user-generated information into a single immersive, remotely collaborative, scalable and widely accessible intelligent platform.
This means mXvision is a key accelerator for digital transformation as it unlocks data right across your enterprise. By aggregating and visualising ‘real-time’ data and information from proprietary systems into a single environment where it can be monitored and analysed, it changes the way your workforce makes decisions for improved operational efficiency and safety, in ways that were once unimaginable.
How does it work?
With mXvision you can remotely view any area of your network, site plan or individual assets in context, regardless of physical location, weather or travel conditions and virtually explore the site with ‘real-time’ data using an easy-to-understand traffic light system, to quickly focus your attention on critical and imminent issues.
By creating a digital replica of a site, you can more easily track, predict and act on real-world situations in ‘real-time’. This allows easier collaboration with colleagues located at different sites, saving travel time and focuses site visits on the areas and assets that need the most attention.

mXvision can be used in many areas of asset management from maintenance and fault diagnostics to site safety and security.

Let mXvision help you:

Data capture and integration

3D visualisations of sites and assets are presented in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and then integrated with ‘real-time’ data from existing systems including Geographic Information System (GIS), Building Information Modelling (BIM), SCADA, PLC, IOT and telemetry.


mXvision can integrate multiple systems and applications. It can be used to monitor maintenance status, visually identifying assets that have been recently maintained, as well as providing alerts for assets with pending or overdue maintenance. By selecting assets, various types of BIM and other data can be displayed, including historical inspection details and service manuals.


Teams can monitor progress and activity 24/7 in real-time, this ensures better collaboration efforts as workers can ‘tap-in’ any time they are seeking a system status update to help diagnose and fix faults.

Incident planning and control

With mXlearn we create interactive scenarios that reflect real-life situations. With our simulations we can create any equipment and simulate the way it responds to interactions, so learners can interact with it, follow best practice procedures or carry out fault-finding scenarios, all without having to access (and possibly damaging) the real equipment.

Improve workplace safety

mXvision facilitates emergency planning and incident control by providing a safe, stress-free environment from which you can view the incident area to help direct resources and understand its impact on the entire plant or site.

Safety and Security

By tagging all onsite workers and contractors, you can check who is on the site at any given time and if they have permission to access the various parts of the sites. This can all be done virtually by indicating and setting up alarms regarding people, equipment and permissions for authorised zones.

Fault diagnostics

You can also combine mXvision with mXassist system to help with fault diagnostics, our AI powered virtual technical assistant guides on-site technicians as they carry out visual fault diagnostics, maintenance, servicing, parts identification and repairs using their smartphone or tablet.